Talkin’ Star Wars: Where should The Last Jedi rank…

The dust has settled since the December 2017 release of the much anticipated The Last Jedi film.

As the credits rolled many Star Wars fans were left silent, either A) trying to wrap their head around what happened or B) crying inside because Luke Skywalker was “wasted” in their opinion.

I don’t know what it was but I was geeking out the summer and fall leading up to this chapter of the Star Wars saga. I was telling some friends that I don’t think I had been this excited for a movie or something like that ever.

The Force Awakens set up the sequels perfectly and I was pumped to see what direction each character (new and old) would go.

My initial reaction back in December and January was it was one of my top two Star Wars films ever. I think a big part of it was just since I was hyping this movie up so much I didn’t want it to fall below the top three Star Wars movies of all time. Everyone has different opinions and all but most usually agree on the top two Star Wars movies being Empire Strikes Back or A New Hope, the OG’s as I like to call them.

Anyways, it’s been a solid seven months since TLJ released and my opinion has changed believe it or not. Here’s a quick ranking of the 10 current Star Wars movies in MY opinion:

1.) A New Hope

2.) The Force Awakens

3.) Empire Strikes Back

4.) The Last Jedi

5.) Solo

6.) Revenge of the Sith

7.) Return of the Jedi

8.) Phantom Menace

9.) Attack of the Clones

10.) Rogue One


So TLJ was still very good but it just didn’t live up to our expectations. You know how Avengers Infinity War was like unbelievably amazing and dark? That was supposed to be how good TLJ was…if that makes sense.

Here’s some quick bullets on what I liked and what I didn’t in The Last Jedi:


-Force Skype between Rey and Kylo: Such a cool/unique way to have their “relationship” form

-Throne room scene: Probably my favorite Star Wars combat scene ever, it just looks and moves beautifully with the red colors and shit on fire

-Kylo Ren/Ben Solo: The best character of the sequels thus far. Holy shit Adam Driver killed it (no pun intended) once again in this role. Kylo/Ben Solo is still torn af and I can’t wait to see where the character goes in episode IX.

-Poe Dameron: We got a slight taste of the feisty Resistance pilot in TFA but in TLJ the spotlight was on the young captain and he became an even more lovable good guy. It appears clear that he will soon be the main leader of the Resistance in IX.

-Kodak moment planets/scenes: So we talked about the colors of red in throne room scene. Red was a common theme in this movie as we also saw it being sprayed out of the salt covered planet of Crait at the end of the movie. The battle of Crait, which was heavily one sided, was breathtaking to just look at. Achto, the planet were Rey found Luke, is gorgeous in all different types of weather. Some of the aerial shots were flat out brilliant by Rian Johnson and I need them in gif form now.

-Luke: The vast majority of the Star Wars nerds hate Luke’s role in this movie as an old hermit hiding from the First Order/dark side. I loved it. Rewatching the film it’s awesome to listen to Luke, especially when he is talking to Rey about how the Jedi fell back in the prequels. Great writing there in my opinion and even better acting by the great Mark Hamill. It felt somewhat “realistic” that Luke was hiding out from the dangers of the galaxy and I liked that Rian Johnson had the balls to go with this version of Luke.


-No Knights of Ren: I was looking forward to the Knights SO badly in this movie…and we didn’t get them. All we got was a slight mention that Kylo/Ben took some Jedi students with him when he shat on Luke’s Jedi temple and left. We better get the Knight of Ren in episode IX or I will actually really be pissed…

-The Casino: I actually don’t hate this part of the movie as much as others but it was still dumb. It was kind of cool to see the goofy looking place and we actually learned how the First Order and Resistance get their weapons and money.

-The new characters: Holdo and Rose were not the best, let that be said. It’s not that they were bad characters like a lot of the haters have been saying for months, it’s more that they really weren’t needed. The casino journey or whatever would have been way cooler with Poe or even Carrie Fisher’s daughter! Adding new characters kind of held some of the other characters, like Finn, from growing in episode eight. With that being said I liked DJ and his sliminess (perfect Star Wars slime bag) and it’d be cool to see him come back in some scene with Finn or something.

-Too much comedy: For those of you who saw Solo, you know that the humor was perfectly inserted. Nothing really felt “cringe-worthy” in Solo in that way but in TLJ there is a good deal of cringe moments. If you go back and watch TFA you’ll see a much more serious General Hux, in TLJ they basically turned him into the butt of every joke. Side by side they really seem like different characters and I hate that. The mom jokes at the start of TLJ are awful but I let it slide because Poe is the man and he goes on to kick the First Order straight in the balls by taking out the Dreadnought.

-Luke died: It was almost predictable going into the movie, especially with the title The Last Jedi. I think it would have been really cool to have him be the hermit in TLJ and then have a comeback in episode IX but I get that it isn’t his story anymore. This move probably would have made a lot of the fans less salty too.


So that’s pretty much it. I really like the film and I cannot wait until the final chapter of the sequels coming in December 2019! I have learned my lesson for over-hyping a movie though.

Hope you guys like/respect my opinion here. What do you guys think?!



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